Spiced Strudel Soy Candle, Fall, Autumn, Winter, Holiday, Christmas, Spice

Spiced Strudel Soy Candle

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This fragrance has warm bakery notes of vanilla, apple and butter sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

Our large candle has two wicks for a better and even burning, it comes in our beautiful, elegant apothecary jar with the bronze brushed metal lid for a modern and sleek look.

 All our soy candles are phthalates free.

Burn time: 18 oz. 90 hours - 10 oz. 60 hours - 4 oz. 25 hours.

Jar size: 18 oz. 4" Height, 4" Wide - 10 oz. 2.75" Height, 4" Wide - 4 oz. 2" Height, 2.59" Wide.